Here's What You're Going To Learn:

Sneak Peak

    1. Introduction

    1. Glowing Skin

    2. Flawless Skin Technique

    1. 3 Step Eye look

    2. The Perfect Arch - BONUS

    3. Test your learning

    1. Add Lashes Like a Pro

    2. Lip Cocktails

    1. Before you go...

    2. More resources for you

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    2. Book a Makeup Service

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Hey Girl!

I'm Mayra Garcia

I'm a Makeup artist and I have the pleasure of serving hundreds of women with their makeup needs. Time and time again they sit in my chair and tell me how they struggle with makeup so I created this class to teach you a quick and easy everyday routine that you're going to feel great about.

You're Perfect For This Class if...

  • You want to save Money by knowing what products you need for your makeup needs

  • You've spent hours watching YouTube tutorials, but you still struggle with your makeup

  • Create a Simple Look with easy to follow steps that will be longlasting

Let's Make your Everyday Routine Simple!

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